Tuesday, 21 February 2012

the memories will never fade

some photos from past vacations:
1. lake placid
2. cottage
3-5. new york (first time around)
6. las vegas
7-12. grand canyon

i'm absolutely dead tired after the most amazing weekend in new york so apologies for this far from exciting post. speak soon when i'm alive and well again xo

Thursday, 16 February 2012

your name forever the name on my lips

 exfoliate: sugar lip polish
 moisturize: sugar lip treatment
colour: tarte lip surgence in pouty

all products - sephora

during the winter months, my lips always need a little bit of extra care, which is why i purchased the sugar lip sugar. after using this just once, my lips were noticeably smoother and even a little bit fuller! once i've exfoliated, i moisturize my lips with the sugar lip treatment and then my lips are ready once again for beautiful colours such as "pouty" by tarte. 

very excited as i will be arriving in new york tomorrow! xo

Sunday, 12 February 2012

we look good together.

 the bottom of an aritzia bag - adorable.

a couple of old pictures - why must i always be so busy? no time to take pictures of all my beautiful new things... but nothing to complain about there! i'm off to new york city on thursday and i absolutely can't wait to be back in the city that i love. xo

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

sweet sixteen

 deborah lippmann happy birthday - so fitting
 bow earrings
 beautiful simple square ring from my two best friends
 lock to go with my key
my beautiful cards from my beautiful best friends

my birthday started off not as great with a below average day at school, but my birthday night was absolutely perfect.  receiving my presents wasn't the part that made it perfect though, but rather when i read through my friends cards, all the facebook posts and my texts.  i've never felt so loved and cared about in my life and that is why my sixteenth birthday was just as great as i had always hoped it would be.  
p.s. a little love to poppy and edna who i love for always reading my blog. xo

Sunday, 5 February 2012

leather legging loving

entire outfit / wilfred

i can't even remember how long i've wanted these leggings and thanks to my gift card they are finally mine! they're a bit funny to wear but their beauty makes up for it.  the black silk tank top in these pictures is new as well and i absolutely love it. i also bought it in two other colours because it is so useful! you can wear it alone or as a layering piece under sheer tops and it can be so easily dressed up or down.

apologizing for my absence (exams) and the lack of a good quality post (misplaced camera) but i will make it up to you all with many new posts this week! done some shopping lately so lot's of new ins. xo