Saturday, 13 October 2012

the memories will keep me warm

a few pictures of my trip to Cancun this summer!

1. my iPhone before it got shattered... RIP
2. beautiful views and my mom's golden tan
3. the magnificent chichen-itza filled with amazing stories of mayan culture
4. skulls galore
5. a lady selling her hand-stiched art
6. swimming in that swimming hole was one of the ultimate moments in my life - so peaceful, serene and breath-taking

Monday, 24 September 2012

the days are bright and so are the nights

jacket - joe fresh / dress - free people / belt - aritzia / boots - steve madden / nails - essie chinchilly

i wore this outfit to a show downtown last weekend and i'm so glad i finally had the time to post it. i absolutely love this dress because the sparkly material is so fun and the skirt is so perfect for twirling.  to make the dress a bit more appropriate for the day i "military-ised" it with a thick belt, my trusty combat boots and my favourite army green jacket. 

Saturday, 22 September 2012

the one whose hand i'm holding is the one who holds my heart

shirt - all saints / shorts - acne / necklace - the circle necklace

i understand that this post is completely out of season but i found so many outfit pictures from summer and i don't want them to go to waste. i figure that there is still warm weather somewhere in the world. i promise i have some fall outfits lined up that i'm so excited to share with you! hope you all enjoy your weekend xo

Monday, 10 September 2012

werkin out

gym bag - lulu lemon / tank - h&m / pants - PINK by victoria secret

tomorrow after school me and two of my friends are going to hit the gym for a little back to school get back in shape (which is much needed on my part) so in honour of that, i wanted to show you guys my sensible but beautiful gym bag and a typical work out outfit of mine.

i love all the different compartments in the bag; there's literally one for everything. i'm a big sucker for pre-labeled compartments (only me? okay...) there's also a separate shoes compartment at the bottom of the bag (which i'm clearly not utilizing) which is so handy if you want to separate your smelly shoes from your other things.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

so long sweet summer

top - american apparel / shorts - material girl / shoes - converse / sunnies - ray bans

how FUN are these shorts? nothing attacks my extremely large fear of birds more like wearing them (but no really, i'm terrified of birds) paired with a crisp denim vest-top and my not so crisp converse, this outfit pushes the boundaries of my style but still stays true to me.

on a much darker note, school has started and so far grade 11 and i have not gotten off on the right foot.  hopefully the semester will only get better from here and i'll be sure to blog often to keep me sane under the piles of homework i'm sure i will have. i hope everyone's summer was as fantastic as mine and here's to another year of counting down to the next one!

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

and i will wait, i will wait for you

jacket - maison scotch

this jacket is a make or break/statement piece/conversation starter jacket. the fit, the embroidery, the details... it is perfect.  to say that i am in love with this jacket would be an understatement.

on this particular day i dressed it down with denim shorts and a plain tank top, but over a simple dress and with some heels; it could easily transform into the night. 

Sunday, 5 August 2012

little black t-shirt dress

sunnies - lacoste / dress - joe fresh / denim vest - j crew / flip flops - tkees / watch - marc jacobs 
bag & ring - unknown

this is a pretty sorry excuse of an outfit post but honestly my camera died right as i was about to take the pictures and i couldn't be bothered to keep the outfit on while it charged. needless to say, i was in sweatpants and a hoodie about 30 seconds after the last picture was taken.

i love the simplicity of this black t-shirt dress and the easy way it can be styled from day to night. i've been wearing my neon flip flops, my simple silver ring and my black leather bag non-stop and they've become my summer staple accessories. 

i promise to be back in action with proper (pro-per haha) pictures in my next post!